Gesswein Polishing Stone Sets

Product Announcement from Gesswein Co., Inc.

Gesswein Polishing Stone Sets-Image

Sets are a convenient way to sample stones and get familiar with the #1 stone in the world - Gesswein Polishing and Finishing Stones. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes in our signature lines:

Diemaker: Medium-hard aluminum oxide, ideal for both hard and soft mold steels, aluminum, beryllium copper and kirksite. Our most popular stone.

Moldmaker: Silicon carbide abrasive designed to break down rapidly and expose fresh edges. Suitable for working on all types of steels as well as roughing out nonferrous metals. Ideal for blending, detailing radii and following contours.

EDM: Remove the tough, hard scale left by the Electrical Discharge Machining process much faster than any of our other finishing stones. Contain extra-sharp premium-grade aluminum oxide for fast cutting action. Special clay bond so they hold their shape well for working small details and sharp corners.

..... and many more.