ULTRAMAX™ DF Ultrasonic Polishing System

Product Announcement from Gesswein Co., Inc.

ULTRAMAX™ DF Ultrasonic Polishing System-Image

Ultramax DF gives you the versatility of both ultrasonic and mechanical applications.

This unit accommodates the UF-9700 ultrasonic handpiece (included) and Gesswein's entire line of electrically powered Power Hand 2X mechanical handpieces. When used with the Ultramax DF, the mechanical handpieces have 30% more torque. Other mechanical features include forward/reverse touch pads and complete motor stop for full motor armature protection.

Includes: Power Pack, UF-9700 Ultrasonic Handpiece, 6/4 Tool Adapter, Tool Box with 30-piece tool set and handpiece rest.

  • Frequency (range): 24kHz (20.0 - 30.0kHz)
  • Amplitude (stroke): 4-40 microns
  • Frequency Adjustment: Auto feedback system
  • Ultrasonic Power Output: 45W maximum
  • Power Hand 2X Output: 0 - 30V DC
  • Output Adjustment (power/stroke): Continuously variable