LandMark™ 20 IMU - Low Noise MEMS IMU

Product Announcement from Gladiator Technologies, Inc.

LandMark™ 20 IMU - Low Noise MEMS IMU-Image

The latest model of our LandMark™ 20 IMU is our mid-performance version of our small LandMark™ IMU family and is 10/20/40 form, fit and function interchangeable. The unit features low noise gyros and accelerometers with exceptional bias in-run and bias over temperature performance in a small light weight ruggedized environmentally sealed enclosure with MILSPEC connector. The unit also features low power consumption, small size, light weight and long life MTBF. The signature feature of the IMU is the low noise gyros and accels, which enable precision measurement. The IMU's performance is optimized with fully temperature compensated bias and scale factor and compensated misalignment and g-sensitivity. The unit is highly durable and employs an FEA designed internal vibration isolator that can withstand environmental vibration and shock typically associated with commercial aircraft requirements. LandMark™ IMU's also include built-in firmware to accept external velocity as well as an external sync input 1 kHz (or 1pps indication).

Key Features:

Low Noise Small MEMS IMU

Low Gyro Noise 0.01º/sec/√Hz

Low Accel Noise 0.05mg/√Hz (2g)

In-Run Gyro Bias 15°/hour 1 σ

Rugged Environmentally Sealed Packaging & MILSPEC Connector

Fully Temperature Compensated Bias and Scale Factor

Compensated Misalignment 1mrad and g-Sensitivity <0.02°/sec/g typical

External Sync Input (1kHz or 1pps)

Low Power <430 mW Typical

Low Voltage +3.3V (single sided power)

Light Weight 108 grams

Small Size < 72cm3/4.4in3

Sensor Bandwidth 140 Hz

Bandwidth Filtering Capability

RS485 Data Rate 500 Hz (user selectable)

Internal Vibration Isolation

Precision Alignment

Internal Temperature Sensors

Export Classification: Commerce ECCN7A994

The unit is well suited for the harsh environments of commercial automotive and motorcycle testing, motorsports racing, aircraft and sea applications that require both low cost and high performance as well as rugged durability.