CNC Centerless Grinder

Product Announcement from Glebar Company Inc.

CNC Centerless Grinder-Image

Glebar Company Inc. - introduces the New GT-610 CNC Auto infeed thrufeed centerless grinder. The machine boasts CNC Dressing as well as auto size compensation capabilities designed for metal high precision grinding in automotive, aerospace and medical applications.

The GT-610 CNC Centerless Grinder is equipped with super precision slides and controls including a fully programmable CNC Dresser. This unit has the capability of infeed grinding up to 8" wide parts and can easily thrufeed 12 foot bar stock achieving tolerances in the millionths of an inch. Another outstanding feature of the GT-610CNC is its small footprint measuring 48"x 44"x 60 H. The machine is equipped with twin grip super precision spindles on both work wheel and regulating wheel. Simple intuituve control interface can be programmed with via touch screen or G-code

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