Centerless Grinder - Auto Infeed Thrufeed

Product Announcement from Glebar Company Inc.

Centerless Grinder - Auto Infeed Thrufeed-Image

Glebar Company Inc. The TF-9DHD Auto infeed thrufeed centerless grinder is controlled via touch screen and has auto size compensation. The TF-9DHD was designed specifically for parts under 1" diameter and can grind parts down to 0.002" diameter.

From a hardware standpoint, the positioning of the regulating wheel is maintained using a linear glass scale. This machine is controlled by a smaller touch screen control, offering an easy to use interface. The control has 2 modes of operation installed, thrufeed and infeed cycles. The positioning of the slide and the velocity of the plunge or retract on the slide is completely programmable. Diameter accuracies are maintained by positioning to a linear glass scale. The system also includes a gage interface to tie into diameter gages for automatic size compensation.

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