Textiles - Heat Processing Solutions

Product Announcement from Glenro Inc.

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Glenro has a long and successful history of enhancing traditional and technical textile heat processing applications with its Proven Solutions®.

Whether the products involve carpet, apparel or other familiar fabrics to more specialized technical textiles for the automotive, medical, geotextile, argotextile, protective clothing, laminate or conveyor belting markets, Glenro has the resources and the experience to develop and support a process and equipment solution for your manufacturing business.


  • Stain resist sprayed coatings on automotive and upholstery fabrics
  • Ink jet printing on pile fabric
  • Latex back coatings
  • Selvage on tentered fabrics
  • Water, dyes, latex, resins, adhesives, inks, vinyl, silicone, acrylic, fluorocarbon, polyurethane, water repellent, flame retardant and other coatings on woven or nonwoven fabrics to increase line speeds


  • Latex back coatings on carpet, automotive fabric and upholstery fabric to increase speed and to set the latex to prevent it from adhering to drum dryers or steam cans
  • Dyes or chemical treatments prior to steam cans
  • Finishes on various style fabrics
  • Tubular knits prior to drum dryers, through-air dryers or tensionless conveyor dryers
  • Screen printed fabrics prior to curing ovens for speed increases
  • Flock adhesive to anchor flocking prior to hot air impingement ovens
  • Printed flocked fabrics
  • Foamed on or sprayed on topical finishes to increase line speeds and product quality
  • Saturated woven and nonwoven fabrics
  • Size on filament yarns prior to steam cans for slashing applications
  • Foamed latex back coatings on velour and upholstery fabrics
  • Selvage prior to, on and post tenter frames to reduce pick-off on clips and pins (reduces down time for cleaning)


  • Auto carpet prior to extruded back coating
  • Auto carpet prior to molding
  • Auto fabric prior to lamination
  • Fabric and foam for powder bonded lamination

Postheat & Cure

  • Heatset polyester and other synthetic woven and knit fabrics
  • Cure transfer inks printed on fabrics
  • Sinter powder adhesives for fusible interlinings
  • Melt and Flow powder adhesives for auto fabrics (automotive soft trim, headliners, seats, side panels)
  • Post cure latex back coatings on upholstery and auto fabrics (improves quality by reducing face temperature)
  • Laminate fabric to fabric, foam, nonwovens, etc. with powder, film and web adhesives.

More info - http://www.glenro.com/textiles.html