Battery Fuel Gauge -- 810I-B13-197

Product Announcement from Global Digital Instruments LLC

Battery Fuel Gauge -- 810I-B13-197 -Image

SenDEC Battery Fuel Gauges are designed to accurately monitor the charge capacity of lead acid batteries. SenDEC fuel gauges can be used to monitor DC powered equipment such as fork lifts, golf carts, floor care equipment, and a multitude of other battery powered equipment. These gauges are recommended for equipment that normally remains connected to the battery during the charge cycle. Three battery discharge profiles are standard, plus a lockout option upon request.

Charge capacity is indicated using a 10 segment LED bar graph display from full (right LED segment lit) to empty (left LED segment lit). LED Flash Alert™ flashes the 2nd LED from the left as a warning that the battery has discharged 70%. At 80% discharge, LED Flash Alert™ flashes the left 2 LEDs to indicate very low capacity is remaining.

All Battery Fuel Gauges are 100% epoxy encapsulated for superb environmental durability. Four panel mount case styles are available and are designed to fit industry standard cutouts. Two new Snap-in cases have made SenDEC the industry leader for ultra fast and easy installation.
Solid state electronics, modern appearance, competitive costing, and enhanced functionality provide today's OEMs the best of all possibilities without sacrifice to performance, operation, or budget