Flammability Testing

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Mechanical Testing -- Flamability Testing

Common Flammability Test Specifications

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS)- Flammability of Interior Materials

ASTM D4804- Standard Test Method for Determining the Flammability Characteristics of Non-rigid Solid Plastics

DaimlerChrysler DBL-5307- Supply Specification Flame Retardant Properties

DIN 4102-1- Fire Behavior of Building Materials and Elements

GM6090M- Flammability of Materials

GM9070P- Procedure for Testing Flammability of Materials

GMW3232- Test Methods for Determining the Flammability of Interior Trim Mat

IEC 60695-2-10- Fire Hazard Testing

SAE J369- Flammability of Polymeric Interior Materials-Horizontal Test Method

Toyota TSM0500G- Flammability Test Method for Interior Non-Metallic Materials

VW TL 1010- Flammability