Surface Mount Vertical Turbine (SMVT) Pumps

Product Announcement from Goulds Water Technology, a xylem brand

Surface Mount Vertical Turbine (SMVT) Pumps -Image

Goulds Pumps, a proven leader in turbine technology now introduces its new multi-stage design. This surface mounted, multi-stage, high pressure vertical turbine pumps includes a heavy duty cast iron stainless steel fitted bowl assembly and flows from 50 to 850 GPM with TDH up to 880 feet.

While the small footprint, low profile, and inline piping connections of this pump make it ideal for limited space environments and packaging, the SMVT's high efficiency performance and heavy duty turbine pump design make it a great solution for numerous additional applications such as:

  • Booster Units
  • High Rise Building Water
  • HVAC
  • Package Pump Stations
  • Booster Stations
  • name a few

New flanged casing design eliminates the need for special tools and allows the SMVT to be assembled and disassembled using a standard wrench. The ability to unbolt the flanged casing from the suction/discharge pump body saves ITT customers time and money by making it possible for the SMVT to be serviced in the field without disturbing the system piping arrangement.

The two-piece shaft coupling allows for replacement of mechanical cartridge-type seal without removing motor. Coupling is precision balanced for vibration-free operation.

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