Modular Belting

Product Announcement from Great Lakes Belting & Supply Corporation

Modular Belting-Image

Great Lakes Belting & Supply Corporation is pleased to announce that we offer a full line of Modular Belting products. Plastic modular belts are sprocket-driven for positive drive and tracking which virtually eliminates problems associated with mistracking that can lead to belt damage. Flights are assembled as an integral part of the belt, and can be replaced with a minimum of downtime without complicated tools or equipment. The all-plastic design provides maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance, while eliminating concerns of metal contamination.

Belt surface styles can range in open area from 18% to 40% to maximize drainage without compromising belt strength. Belt materials are available in unique colors to provide visual contrast between the belt and the product. All materials are FDA approved and are designed for a wide range of operating temperatures from -90°F to 220°F.

Modular belting is perfect for a wide range of food industry applications.