Trackmate 120 EMB Conveyor Belt

Product Announcement from Great Lakes Belting & Supply Corporation

Trackmate 120 EMB Conveyor Belt-Image

Belt Tracking Issues?
Most users of belt conveyor find that a great deal of the time spent on maintenance is dealing with belt tracking issues. This is especially true when commodity grade PVC belts are being used. PVC belts do have advantages such as cost effectiveness and a low coefficient of friction. However, properly tracking a uniply PVC belt is more an art than a science. Over tensioning, improper assembly of bolt together systems, and many other factors can make a uniply belt very difficult to track.

What Are Your Options?
You could utilize a monofilament multiply belt, but can you afford that extra cost just to move your product? There are numerous high cost options that may perform better, but what makes the most useful, yet cost justifiable solution? Omni Metalcraft Corp. has a new cost effective answer. Omni has teamed up with Great Lakes Belting and Habasit America to introduce Trackmate 120 EMB. TM120 EMB (a non-woven belt) offers all of the tracking advantages of other Habasit Trackmate products in a very cost effective solution that can solve many of the tracking issues encountered with uniply belting.


  • Slider and roller bed suitable
  • Good edge integrity
  • Belt driven live roller conveyor suitable
  • Polyester fabric with PVC embossed cover
  • Same belt on curves and straight conveyors


  • Cost effective
  • Superior trackability
  • Low noise
  • 1.6" minimum pulley (180° wrap)
  • Low coefficient of friction