Excelerator® Milling Systems

Product Announcement from Greenleaf Corporation

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Greenleaf's line of small-diameter end mills are designed for high-performance milling in difficult-to-machine materials using Greenleaf's advanced carbide or ceramic inserts. The cutter bodies, shanks, and insert clamps have been developed to offer outstanding performance at elevated spindle speeds on the most demanding materials.

Typical application areas include most hardened materials above 40 R/c, and nickel- and cobalt-based super alloys. Hard milling applications in the moldmaking and tool & die industries, pocket milling, ramping, and helical milling are now possible using indexable inserts.

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Application Tips

Air blast is highly recommended for hard milling applications.

• Maximum insert life can be achieved at a radial width of cut based on 40-60 percent of cutter diameter.

• As the width-of-cut ratio decreases, feed should be increased to maintain acceptable average chip thickness.

• Balanced toolholders are critical when operating at 10,000 RPM and higher.

• Keep tool length overhang as short as possible.

• Ramping or helical interpolation are the preferred methods of entry into the cut.

• Maintain cutter engagement as much as possible; frequent entry and exit into cuts can decrease insert life.

• When using round insert cutters, the effective cutting diameter depends on the actual depth of cut.

• Do not exceed recommended maximum RPM. Maximum RPMs for all Excelerator® Mills can be found in Greenleaf's main product catalog or on the Excelerator® Mills flyer. You can also contact Greenleaf's Technical Service department at 1-814-763-2915 or 1-800-458-1850.