IntegraClean 2.0 with remote monitoring

Featured Product from Griswold Water Systems

IntegraClean 2.0™Maximize Steady State Operation

Our flagship, integrated water treatment and solids management system for cooling tower use. Incorporates efficient solids management, chemical-free water treatment, remote monitoring, blowdown/conductivity control system, and service.

WaveTMChemical Free Water Treatment

The most advanced non-chemical system available with 4x the signal strength of the closest competitor, NEMA 4 weather proof, submersible reaction chamber design, and software-based digital processor. Comes with GWS certified service.

CleanSweepTMEffective Solids Management

Our advanced tower basin cleaning system with energy efficient, low-head basin sweepers, a smaller pump package, and our welded solids centrifugal separator with valve actuated purge and timer control panel.