Material & Solid Blank Preparation

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Material & Solid Blank Preparation
Because the Grob Rolling process displaces material instead of removing it, proper material selection is important. With this process, almost any ductile material may be used. Generally, material with a hardness of less than Rockwell “C” 30 works well. If carbon steel or alloy steel is to be used, it must be annealed first. The blank or stock must be free of flaws, uniform in ductility, and must be the correct outside diameter to produce an accurate form.

Cold Rolled
Save time & money, create cold rolled parts from bar stock. Choose from over 2100 existing profiles. If we don’t currently have the profile you need, custom profiles are also available and are tooled quickly.

Cold Rolled Products
Grob’s innovative method of cold forming gives customers numerous advantages over traditional machining. These include a stronger profile, higher surface finish, and the ability to make bar lengths.