Spur Gear Terminology & Formulas

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Spur Gear Terminology & Formulas
What is a Spur Gear?
A spur gear is one of the simplest and most common types of cylindrical gears. Spur gears have straight teeth that run parallel to the shaft.
These gears are easy to manufacture and can be used in a variety of applications. These applications include speed increase or reduction, torque multiplication, and enhancing accuracy for positioning systems.

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Grob, Inc. has been providing cold-rolled parts to a wide range of industries for more than 70 years. We’ve developed our own methods for cold forming gearssplines, shaftsbushings, and a variety of other metal parts. Our proprietary process facilitates the tightest tolerances in the industry while providing ultimate strength and optimal surface finishes.
We also feature non-standard stock lengths not offered by most competitors. We can offer smaller diameters in lengths up to 6 feet, and larger diameters up to 12 feet. Our customization capabilities are unmatched, and up to 70% o our business comes from providing custom-designed products.
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