Modified & Custom Motors

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Our design portfolio of customized solutions is unmatched in the fractional horsepower industry. For you, this translates into faster development time for an optimized solution that cost-effectively delivers the performance, life and quality that your application demands, from an experienced team you can trust.


Modified designs involve additions or alterations made to standard catalog motors. These are ideal when slight adjustments need to be made or accessories need to be included in order to meet the customer's needs. Many of our modified designs can be shipped in 48 hours or less.


  • Shortened lead time for prototypes and production runs
  • More cost-effective than custom blank-sheet designs
  • 48-hour turn-around for samples


  • Customized nameplate
  • Bearings and lubricant for high/low temperatures
  • Dual shaft for adding an encoder or brake
  • Adding a foot mount, junction box or power cord


Customers can work with our engineering department to create a blank-sheet motor design for their application. This is ideal for high-volume applications with specific motor requirements not covered by a standard motor design. For some situations it can be more cost effective to start from scratch than to make modifications. Custom motor projects may require the customer to provide or purchase special tooling. Upload your Specs and someone from our team will work with you to find the best solution for your application.


  • Proprietary motor design specific to the customer's application
  • Can be most cost-effective solution for applications with higher volumes
  • Work directly with our sales and engineering staff to create the end product


Groschopp can work with you to not only manufacture a motor but also to build and integrate that motor into more advanced stages of the assembly process. By having us build the motors into part of your assembly, we will help you to conserve labor within your current manufacturing process.


  • Shortened lead times and simplified assembly process
  • Fewer vendors to interact with, saving on final assembly by eliminating steps
  • Integration allows Groschopp to be more familiar with the entire application
  • Groschopp assures the quality of the assembly and tests product performance



  • Drive end high temperature lubricant
  • Drive end seal
  • Lead end high temperature lubricant
  • Lead end seal

End Bells

  • Drill and tap on edge
  • Drill and tap for encoder, brake or special modifications
  • Machine pilot


  • Dual output
  • Drill and tap
  • Additional flat
  • Keyway - woodruff
  • Keyway - straight
  • Crosshole
  • Thread - internal
  • Thread - external
  • Diameter

Terminal Boxes

  • With or without terminal blocks
  • Leads (12 inches standard)
  • Grommets 2-core cord 3-core cord
  • Extra length


  • 115V
  • 230V

Mountings (Standard Flange Included)

  • Special flange
  • Foot mount


  • Special marketing (CE)
  • Customized nameplate


  • Drain holes
  • Environmental - IP rating
  • Insulation
  • Housings, paints and finishes