PM8058 4-Pole Motors & Gear Motors

Featured Product from Groschopp, Inc.

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The PM8058 4-pole motor is the same package size as our current PM8018 motor. It has a higher power density than traditional 2-pole motors, so a smaller 4-pole motor can oftentimes match the performance of a larger 2-pole motor. This allows the PM8058
to fit in applications where there are tight space constraints. The PM8058 is also capable of higher speeds in low voltage applications than traditional 2-pole motors.

  • Intermittent duty applications
  • High output power
  • Small package size
  • Low voltage applications

There is some give and take required with 4-pole motors vs 2-pole motors. The increased output power of the 4 pole PM8058 comes at the cost of increased current draw. The increased current draw contributes to the motor heating up faster which is a concern in continuous duty applications. The higher current draw can also pose a problem for other components in the application i.e. contacts, relays, controllers.

More details will be available on our website soon.