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Back Pressure Valve for Lithium Battery Injection

Featured Product from Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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The FS-VIN-L45/50 series back pressure valve stands at the forefront of precision fluid control, specifically designed for direct liquid injection in lithium battery manufacturing under both atmospheric pressure and high vacuum conditions. This innovative valve addresses the challenges posed by vacuum environments on electrolyte integrity, eliminating the risk of bubbles in tubing and ensuring the utmost accuracy in liquid injection. By utilizing hydraulic control, this valve surpasses traditional air-controlled alternatives, offering unparalleled reliability and performance.

Key Features:

  • Vacuum Precision: Effectively prevents the influence of vacuum environments on electrolyte, ensuring optimal battery performance.
  • Bubble Elimination: Guards against bubbles in tubing, guaranteeing a smooth and precise injection process.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Maintains precision in liquid injection, contributing to improved optimal rates and accelerated battery absorption.
  • Hydraulic Control: Replaces air control for increased reliability and operational efficiency.


  1. Lithium Battery Injection: Tailored for direct liquid injection in lithium battery manufacturing, ensuring the integrity and performance of the electrolyte.
  2. Cosmetic Filling: Ideal for applications requiring precise and controlled fluid injection, meeting the stringent requirements of cosmetic production.
  3. Large Flow Fluid Injection: Versatile enough to handle other applications involving substantial fluid volumes, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency.

Invest in the FS-VIN-L45/50 Back Pressure Valve for a transformative solution that elevates precision, reliability, and efficiency in fluid injection processes across various industries.