Digital Control Filling/ Spraying System-FSH-SK-AP

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The FSH- SK-AP intelligent series is based on the FSH-AP standard serial, which adds intelligent adjustment. RS232 interface or Ethernet interface (for intelligent fixed volume, variable volume dispensing). It is more suitable for injection / glue dispensing / spraying application.

System features:

Dispense volume per stroke 0-0.2ml

Intelligent digital volume control

Extremely high hardness(Mohs hardness rating of 9---next to diamond)and high density special ceramics.

Multi stage high precision polishing processing.

High efficiency and high precision. (±0.3% CV).

Maintenance free design. Extremely reliable.

On line cleaning / sterilization.

Driving method: step motor. Medium / high torque motor selection.

Counting function

Control method: Automatic control by external PLC / computer or IPC. Or manual operation by external pedal switch.

Communication port: I/O,CC TRIG, AUX OUT,Ethernet,RS232

The linear motor automatically adjust angle. Digital volume change with high precision and fast speed.

Compensation mode improves stability substantially.

Anti-jam design to eliminate pump jamming.


Product Category:Fluid Dispensing Equipment
Dispensing Equipment Type:Dispense Only
Application:CoatingPaint; FoodBeverage; FuelOil; MedPharmaceutical; Lithium battery electrolyte injection, Reagent dispensing or filling, Contact lens dispensing, Flavor, essence and liquid vitamin additions
Dispensing Type:Fill ("potting")