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Vacuum Valve -- FSH-VLIV

Featured Product from Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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SH-VLIV Series high vacuum injection valve is the latest vacuum valve produced by Guangzhou advanced precision machinery Co., Ltd., which can solve the problems of vacuum injection for customers.

Vacuum injection valve is mainly used for high vacuum injection.The valve can effectively derease the influence of vacuum environment on the dispensing pump which can avoid bubbles and cavities in the pipeline in order to ensure high precision injection.

Traditional vacuum injection system need to set up many sets of conversion mechanisms which is complex and with low accuracy. FSH-VLIV Series vacuum of Guangzhou Ascend can effectively simplify the traditional vacuum liquid injection system which can realize vacuum injection and ensure high accuracy.


Module: FSH-VLIV-0.6-0.9-6-80

Environment temperature:0-60?

Air Pressure:0~-95KPA

Needle ID:0.4-1MM


Typical applications:

Electrolyte dispensing in vacuum environment

Heat pipe dispensing in vacuum environment.

Other dispensing in vacuum environment


Product Category:Vacuum Valves

Type:Injection Valve

Vacuum / Pressure Range:0~-95 KPA

Temperature Range:32 to 140 F (0.0 to 60 C)

Body Materials:SUS316