Residual Gas Analyzer

Featured Product from HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

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  • Extremely compact size and lightweight
    1/20th size when compared to conventional residual gas analyzers making it easy to integrate to any system
  • High performance
    Mini array of 9 quadrupoles gives excellent sensitivity at a fraction of the volume of traditional quadrupoles

  • High pressure operation
    Can be used at up to 0.9Pa (7mTorr, 9 x 10-3mbar) resulting in the reduction or elimination of expensive vacuum pumping for many applications

  • Interchangeable sensor head in calibration
    The sensor heads are pre-tuned and calibrated prior to shipment allowing the user to make sensor changes in the field without the need for fine tuning or technical expertise

  • Network sensors
    Up to eight sensors can be monitored by a single PC using RS-485. The systems can also be monitored remotely over Ethernet

  • User friendly software
    Micropole Scanner™ software allows the user to monitor partial pressures of gases in various modes e.g. trend graph, analog graph, leak mode, bar graph, 3D

  • Monitor controller
    The optional Monitor Controller can be used on the chamber mounted directly on the Spectrum Generator, allowing the user to monitor the vacuum chamber without the need for a PC