GK3CP 2DPU/1DPU Steel Wrapper or Coil Winder Belt

Featured Product from Habasit America

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GK3CP 2DPU/1DPU is a high-performance solution for steel wrapper or coil winder applications in the metal industry where belt longevity keeps your downtime to a minimum

In the metal industry, wrapping or winding machines are used to coil the metal roll material (steel, aluminum, copper) of variable thickness. The wrapping or coiling belts are positioned around the mandrel and force the sheet to start coiling as it is fed between the belt and the mandrel. The belts are impacted by the leading sharp edges of the metal rolls and are additionally exposed to chemicals from milling emulsions.

Habasit's new GK3CP 2DPU/1DPU belt is a low stretch belt designed with a PET endless woven, high strength carcass featuring DPU coating on the conveying and running sides. This provides excellent cut, abrasion, and impact resistance against the leading end of metal coils.



  • Highly durable / longer belt life
  • DPU cover won't harden or crack due to emulsion chemicals
  • Low stretch characteristics leading to better tracking
  • Endless woven design
  • 1-4mm cover thicknesses availableAlso available with PVC cover