2 New Stainless Steel-based Timing Belts

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We've added two new stainless steel-based belts to our HabaSYNC line of timing belt products


We've added two new stainless steel-based belts to our HabaSYNC line of timing belt products. The AT10-I-02 and AT10-I-05 feature food-approved matrix materials (02-dry applications, 05-wet applications). Stainless steel is anti-corrosive and is perfectly suited for wet environments. These belts close the gap between galvanized steel and aramide-based belts where the tensile member must not rust and mechanical properties such as elasticity and low shock load sensitivity are required. 


The food-grade, transparent thermoplastic polyurethane with 88 Shore A hardness (02) allows direct food contact. The polyester TPU provides excellent wear resistance and high lubricity, which yields low noise and vibration meshing in and out of the drive pulley. This product is also available with a polyamide fabric tooth side to reduce the coefficient of friction to the slider bed and protect the tooth side from abrasive wear. This is especially relevant in glass manufacturing applications as this belt construction ensures a long belt life and low energy consumption on the drive while the stainless steel cord is designed to withstand corrosion, a common problem in wet environments.


The food-grade, blue thermoplastic polyurethane with 90 Shore A hardness (05) ensures smooth handling of wet foodstuffs. Our polyether TPU provides good wear resistance, and the TPU grade together with the stainless steel cord withstands hydrolysis, oils and solvents very well. Especially in meat and poultry processing and cheese manufacturing, where belts are used during constant cleaning cycles, these properties ensure a long service life and constant belt performance.


These new belts are made-to-order items. Ask your local KAM or contact us using the information to the right in the "Contact Us" section for more information. 

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