M3398 Radius Flush Grid Curved Top 1.3”

Featured Product from Habasit America

The M3398 is a new flush grid curved-top modular belt featuring a unique 1.3” (33 mm) pitch – highly suitable as a spiral proofer belt and for freezer conveyor applications. It's easy to clean with good product release for high product quality with minimal scrap.

About the M3398 belt

  • Suitability for radius and straight conveying
  • No dead plate gap
  • Smart Fit rod retention
  • Food-approved acetal material
  • High cleanability
  • Excellent suitability for cooling and draining
  • Imperial belt width

Bakery / Poultry / Fish / Red Meat


  • 47% open area; 84% open contact area
  • Largest opening 4x8 mm (0.16” x 0.32”)
  • Multiple collapse factors available: 1.6, 2.2, and 3.0
  • Rod diameter 6 mm (0.24”)