Max uptime & minimize maintenance -belt for wood

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Maximize uptime and minimize maintenance costs

We're excited to announce our new EMM-20ERCH-W2 forming belt, designed for the wood industry. It features a refined super-matte surface and 100% higher lateral stiffness than its predecessor.

The improved belt surface easily releases wood fibers and binder resin by minimizing the contact area with the curing fiber mat. Experience higher throughput with improved release properties and longer service life.

The EMM-20ERCH-W2 provides:

  • Improved board quality
  • Increased belt service life
  • Decreased maintenance and replacement costs

Habasit’s new forming belt has delivered real-world results. This belt will replace the EMB-20EMCH which will be phased out in 2023. Please read our flyer for a product comparison.

Tired of dealing with excessive downtime and premature belt failure? Discover how Habasit’s new forming belt can solve these issues.