Premium TPU Food Belts from Habasit

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Hard-working belts for the food and packaging industries Habasit TPU-coated fabric belts are widely used in the food processing and packaging industries thanks to their versatile properties. The high abrasion resistance of the thermoplastic material helps to keep the belt surface smooth and easy to clean for longer. This also results in the belts maintaining very good release properties over their entire lifetimes. TPU belts are suitable for operation in a wide range of temperatures and remain flexible in cold conditions. They do not influence taste, which makes them particularly suitable for use in the food industry.

When developing the new Habasit Premium TPU food belt range, our engineers focused on the biggest challenges that food processors and packaging professionals encounter. From product recalls due to contamination by foreign bodies, to cost control and process automation, the two dominating topics for the industry today are food safety and operational efficiency.

Find out more about the benefits of Habasit Premium TPU food belts and their key features:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Low-wicking
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Frayless

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