Quick-release chain link HabaCHAIN® C1201AB

Featured Product from Habasit America

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Traditional chain designs involve laborious pin removal procedures—typically by hammer and punch—which prolong maintenance efforts and create safety issues, such as hand  injuries. To accelerate pin removal and protect personnel, Habasit developed the HabaCHAIN® C1201AB quick-release chain link, serving applications where speedier maintenance results in added emphasis on sanitation.

This innovative link features the following:

  • Quick-release design for easy disassembly / assembly of the 1201 case chain
  • Perforated flat top design
  • Tapered slots to reduce trapping of conveyed product
  • Safety-conscious design for pinch protection
  • Bi-directional travel
  • Highly visible yellow color
  • Standard POM (Acetal) module material with foodgrade stainless steel rods

Any application that needs to enhance its sanitary standard and process within the food industry and requires quick chain removal for easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

Main industries include:

  • Poultry
  • Red Meat
  • Fish
  • Dairy
  • Bakery

The quick-release pin prevents the risk of damaging the chain or reducing the retention force of the pin—issues that can occur when pin removals and insertions are performed improperly.