Measurement to Maximize Production

Featured Product from Hach

The Hach® analytics portfolio for manufacturing is designed to give you the accurate, reliable and informative data you rely on to confidently navigate the tough decisions on product release, process adjustments and response to regulatory changes. With Hach as your partner in process monitoring and laboratory analysis, you can more effectively control product quality, control oxygen scavenger dosing, control corrosion and deposits—and therefore control costs. 

From a simple, dedicated meter to on-line measurement or wastewater treatment optimization, our solutions are based on years of innovation and a desire to provide the simplest way to results you can trust. 

Our products, application support and local service help you:
  • Maintain quality by ensuring consistent finished products that meet customer needs
  • Maximize uptime of equipment and production
  • Maintain regulatory compliance, environmental profile improvements and water conservation
  • Monitor efficiency loss
  • Protect your investment via process efficiency and prolonged plant and equipment life

Providing solutions for:
  • Biotech process industry
  • Flexible production
  • Pharmaceutical technology