Hallite UK launches new site!

Product Announcement from Hallite Seals International Ltd.

Hallite UK launches new site!-Image

We are very pleased to announce today the launch of our fantastic new and improved UK regional website - www.hallite.com

Along with a new look we have included many new features that we know will make visiting the site a quicker, easier and more interactive experience.

Our new website will provide visitors with a wealth of product information all presented in a clearer, cleaner and easy to navigate web format.

New features include:

Our impressive new product finder now dramatically improves the customer’s user experience by significantly reducing the time taken when searching through Hallite’s extensive range of products.

Additional features of the new site include detailed pictures of product offerings, conversion calculator and a Technical & Design section featuring informative user guides and instructions relating to specific Hallite products.

Managing Director, Simon Davies said, “Although we have a great website and one with which we are very pleased, web-pages alone will never deliver the level of professional service that our customers rightfully expect. It is essential for us to identify and understand our client’s needs and this new website greatly facilitates the start of an on-going dialogue between our customers and us.”