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Hamilton Company specializes in the design and manufacture of products for manual, semiautomatic, and robotic precision fluid measuring and delivery. Our superior performance valves with ceramic, PTFE, and CTFE inserts provide comprehensive liquid handling for delivering chemically inert flow paths. Rigorous manufacturing controls assure the highest quality precision valves available and are compatible with Hamilton syringe pumps and our modular valve positioners (MVP).

Ceramic Valves

The Hamilton ceramic instrument valves have been developed for demanding automated dispensing applications. Their fluid flow path includes ceramic inserts designed for long lifetimes when used with aqueous solutions in the lower pH range that crystallize and scratch the traditional plastic based valves.

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Our team of over 40 engineers, technicians, and machinists are ready to help you find the best design and get your product to market faster. We work closely with you throughout your design project and are dedicated to exceptional client communication. Every component in the fluid path is designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house using the latest CAD technology at our 168,000 sq. ft. facility in Reno, NV.

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