Belt Tensioner and Chain Tensioner

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Tensioner element

Tensioner,Belt tensioner,Roller Spring Chain TensionerIn addition, we also offer OEM products. Simply send us a drawing or sample or template. When using our tensioning systems, problems such as the compensation of lengthening due to age and belt slip are no longer an issue in your machine design - you can simply forget the periodical re-tensioning maintenance!

This tensioner consists of elastomeric inserts.

They are based on highly elastic natural rubber with a good shape memort and designed for applications in temperatures from -20? to +60?.

The tensioner combines some functions of springs,bearings ,tensioners and vibeation dampers.

The tensioner is designed as easy installing and maintenance free for chain and belt drives.Several standard sizes and wide range of accessiries are available.

The tensioner can be used for both tensioning directions.