Taper Bushing Sprocket,Taper bushed Bore Sprockets

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Split Taper bushed bore sprockets and split taper bushings secure drive shafts to a base or housing. Split-Taper sprockets have a keyway to help prevent slipping and to mate with Split-Taper bushings. Bushings provide additional clamping force over bores that only use keyways and set screws. They have two slits on the barrel to allow the bushing to tighten around the shaft to ensure a secure fit. They are installed by tightening the cap screws in the collar, which pushes the bushing into the sprocket bore and clamps the bushing and sprocket to the shaft. A flange enables the bore to be installed inside the housing for a flush installation that requires less space, or it can be reversed and installed with the bore facing out to provide additional clamping surface for improved stability where there are high working loads, such as those found in milling operations and conveyors.

TB (Taper bush) Sprockets 06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B, 20B TB(Tape bore) Sprockets ASA35, ASA40-1, ASA40-2, ASA41, ASA50-1, ASA50-2, ASA60, ASA80-1, ASA80-2,ASA100, ASA120, ASA140, ASA160