Polarization Optics

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  • A wide selection of polarization optics, including: Glan Laser Polarizers, Glan Taylor Polarizers, Glan Thompson Polarizers, Wollaston Prisms, Rochon Prisms, Polarization Plane Roatators, Achromatic Depolarizers
  • Both off-the-shelf modules with standardized sizes for online browsing and ordering and custom versions are available
  • Various options for substrate materials: Calcite, Alpha-BBO, YVO4, Quartz, MgF2.
  • Transmission from ultraviolet, visible, to infrared
  • Manifold construction designs: air-spaced, cemented for low and medium power; black glass and escape ports for high power
  • Standard or tailored AR and Protective coatings accessible


Polarization Optics are designed to change the polarization state of incident light. The functions of polarization optics are diverse, including selecting a polarization component, obtaining two symmetrical polarization components, rotating the plane of linear polarization, etc. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers a large selection of Off-the-shelf and Custom Polarization Optics, comprising: Glan Laser Polarizers, Glan Taylor Polarizers, Glan Thompson Polarizers, Wollaston Prisms, Rochon Prisms, Polarization Plane Roatators, Achromatic Depolarizers.

Glan Polarizers, Wollaston Polarizers, and Rochon Polarizers all pertain to the category of crystalline birefringent polarizers, which operates upon the birefringent nature of the crystals. 

A Glan Polarizer consists of two prisms with their orientations of the optical axes being equivalent and parallel to the plane of reflection. The acute angles of the constituent prisms are contrived upon deliberation so that when the ordinary component (s-polarization) and the extraordinary (p-polarization) component enter the polarizer, the o component is rejected and the e component is transmitted. There is subtle discrimination among Glan Laser, Glan Taylor, and Glan Thompson Polarizers. A Glan laser polarizer has an air-spaced construction and escape ports, contributing to a high laser-induced damage threshold, hence could endure higher laser power; a Glan Taylor polarizer has no escape port, so it is suggested for low and medium power applications; a Glan Thompson polarizer has a substantial length-to-width ratio and therefore has a large acceptance angle, however, it is of cemented structure, so it is confined to low power usage.

A Wollaston Prism composes two right-angle prisms with their optical axes aligned in orthogonal directions so that it switches the o component in the first prism into the e component and the e component in the first prism into the o component in the second prism. In the end, both the e light and o light experience a symmetrical angular deviation. 

A Rochon Prism works in a quite similar manner to the Wollaston prism, except for the part that in the case of Rochon Prisms the ordinary light experiences no deviation.

A Polarization Plane Rotator is an excellent alternative to half-waveplates made from crystalline quartz. It alters light of linear polarization at a specific angle with independence of rotation around its optical axis.

An Achromatic Depolarizer consists of two wedged prisms made of birefringent materials with their fast axes aligned at 45 deg to each other, utilized to randomize input linear polarization.

Hangzhou Shalom EO is an industrial-leading supplier and manufacturer of Polarization Optics. We provide polarization optics made of various substrate materials including Calcite, Alpha-BBO, YVO4, MgF2, and Quartz, with their transmission spectrum spanning from UV, VIS, to IR.  Over 120 standard modules are accessible on our website and stored in our inventories, for online browsing and ordering. Anti-reflection coatings and protective coatings are available both as standard and custom versions. Unique designs of the construction of the polarization optics are accessible, including air-gap, cement, black glass, and escape ports.