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Infrared (IR) Filters

Featured Product from Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Three categories are available: broadband IR filters, narrowband IR filters, and metal-alloy-coated neutral density IR filters
  • Various substrate materials: silicon, sapphire, IR grade Fused Silica (e.g. Corning 7979/SK-1310), germanium, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, etc.
  • Broadband and narrowband IR filters covering 0.9-12μm, IR neutral density filter covering a maximum of 15μm
  • Excellent for a diverse range of applications including thermal imaging/sensing, infrared light emitters/detectors, gas detection, semiconductor, etc. 


Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Infrared Filters (IR Filters) in three major subcategories: Broadband Infrared Filters, Narrowband IR Filters, and Neutral Density IR Filters. Our infrared filters are manufactured using various substrate materials that have exceptional transmittance to the infrared wavelengths, including silicon, sapphire, IR grade Fused Silica (e.g. Corning 7979/SK-1310), germanium, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, etc., the substrates are then processed into the forms of thin pieces. Through careful devising utilizing a complexion of the material characteristics of the substrates and coatings and thicknesses, selection to a particular IR wavelength range can be realized. Our Broadband IR Filters are designed to transmit a wide region of the infrared spectrum centered around the central wavelengths while blocking other lights. Narrowband IR Filters are engineered to select a narrow region of the infrared spectrum in proximity to the central wavelengths while rejecting the unwanted portion. Our infrared filters provide versatile functions in manifold applications including Infrared Thermal Imaging/Sensing, Infrared light Emitters & Detectors, gas detections, semiconductors, etc.  The filters exhibit high efficiencies when used to isolate emission lines from a source or fluorescent from the background, maximizing the relative ratio of signal to noise. Besides, we also offer Infrared Neutral Density Filters consisting of metal alloy coatings deposited on substrates, these IR ND filters attenuate light through a mixture of light reflection and absorption, enabling precise regulation of the intensities of IR wavelengths.

The selection wavelengths of Shalom EO's Infrared (IR) Bandpass Filters cover the entire IR spectrum of 0.9μm - 12μm, providing unmatched selectivities according to your needs, with a high transmission rate that peaks at almost 98%. The IR ND filters are optimized for 2.2μm wavelength but can handle up to a limit of 15μm. Infrared applications require high thermal stabilities, with which the high qualities of the substrates and coatings endow our IR filters. All of the specifications of products could be customized upon your request. Feel free to contact us for advice, our experienced and professional engineers are willing to guide you to an optimized solution.