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Machine Vision Filters

Featured Product from Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Features (regarding the standard machine vision filters):

  • Standardized sizes Φ12.7mm/Φ25.4mm for convenient integration
  • High Peak Transmission Rate >90%
  • A wide selection of transmission and rejection wavelengths range from UV to IR
  • Various bandwidth options from 6nm to 80nm

Features (regarding the custom machine vision filters):

  • A wide variety of filter types including longpass/shortpass, neutral density, color filters


Machine Vision means letting a machine become capable of measuring or recognizing the image it takes, just like human eyes can see objects and distinguish them. Machine vision has great prospects in various fields including automatic driving, safety monitoring, intelligence traffic, automatic facilities, etc. A machine vision system consists of an image-acquiring section, an image-analyzing section, and an action implementing the system. Machine Vision Filters are applied in the image-acquiring section. Machine Vision Filters are Optical Filters designed to enhance the image quality and increase contrast in imaging or other machine vision applications, blocking the unwanted illumination or glare, and obtaining the signal light. Machine Vision Filters are available in various convenient mounted options to ease integration onto Imaging Lenses. Machine vision filters play a pivotal role in the further stage of analyzing and disposal of the image.

Hangzhou Shalom launched the research of machine vision filters in 2006 and gained prosperous results. We have developed 850nm, and 940nm ultra-thin narrowband pass filters for human face identification, 780nm narrowband pass filters for sweeping robots, and 905nm and 1550nm narrowband pass filters for unmanned vehicles. We offer standard and custom machine vision filters for integration into a range of applications. Regarding the standard filters, we offer a series of bandpass filters. Regarding the custom filters, we provide a wide variety of bandpass filters, including shortpass filters, longpass filters, neutral density filters, and color filters. Shortpass Optical Filters have an unmatched transition from transmission to reflection and provide excellent contrast. Shortpass filters are best used in color imaging to achieve natural color rendering and block infrared saturation, while Longpass Optical Filters provide seamless transition from reflection to transmission and are available in many wavelengths, depending on the needs of your system. Neutral Density (ND) Filters can be stacked to increase optical density, decreasing overall light throughput. Color Filters are ideal for use with monochrome cameras to increase contrast and resolution.