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Optical Components for Femtosecond Lasers

Featured Product from Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • A diverse range of products including: Femtoline Low GDD Mirrors, Ultra-fast Enhanced Silver Mirrors, Ultra-thin BBO Crystals and LBO Crystals, Group Velocity Delay Compensators, Dispersion Prisms, High Precision Thin N-BK7, UV Fused Silica Windows
  • Optimized to minimize dispersion, aberrations, and losses to maintain high pulse qualities
  • Simple integration into various femtosecond laser systems
  • Long live span contributing to excellent robustness and high-power endurance
  • Both off-the-shelf and custom products are available


Femtosecond Laser is a kind of ultra-fast pulsed laser with a pulse duration of less than 1ps, which is in the domain of femtoseconds, such short laser pulse is often achieved through passive mode-locking techniques.  Femtosecond lasers can in general be categorized into solid-state bulk lasers, fiber lasers, dye lasers, semiconductor lasers, etc. Femtosecond lasers concentrate the energies on a very short time scale within a single laser pulse, enabling femtosecond lasers to achieve remarkable precision with minimal thermal damage to surrounding material. This unique characteristic makes them invaluable in various applications, including micromachining, ophthalmic surgeries, biomedical imaging, and ultrafast spectroscopies.

Optical components are critical for shaping, manipulating, and directing the ultra-short pulses emitted by femtosecond lasers. Unlike conventional continuous-wave lasers, femtosecond lasers produce pulses with extraordinarily high peak powers and broad spectral bandwidths, requiring optical components that can transmit, manipulate, and control light across a wide range of wavelengths and time scales with high efficiencies.

Shalom EO offers a diverse range of custom and off-the-shelf optical components for femtosecond lasers, including ultrafast mirrors (Femtoline Low GDD Mirrors, Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Mirrors) designed to minimize dispersion and aberrations over the broad spectral range of femtosecond pulses; nonlinear optical crystals (BBO Crystals, LBO Crystals) utilized for wavelength conversion; pulse diagnostics and control components (Group Velocity Delay Compensators, Dispersion Prisms) used to optimize femtosecond pulse parameters, such as pulse duration, temporal profile, and spectral content; and High Precision Thin N-BK7, UV Fused Silica Windows.

Shalom EO has industrial-leading expertise in manufacturing Optical Components for femtosecond Laser, from ultrafast optics to nonlinear optical elements, our components are designed and crafted with precision engineering to deliver superior performance across a wide range of femtosecond laser applications, where you can experience optimal performance and maximum excellence with our optical components optimized for femtosecond pulse durations and high peak powers. Our femtoline laser optical components minimize dispersion, aberrations, and losses to maintain pulse qualities, spatial coherence, and beam-pointing stability, enabling you to achieve exceptional results in your experiments or other applications. Our femtoline laser optics also allow simple integration into various femtoline laser systems and guarantee long live-spans with unparalleled robustness and high-power endurance.