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Wafers and Substrates

Featured Product from Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Various kinds of substrates and wafers
  • A wide range of substrate materials
  • Manifold dimension, orientation, and other specifications available
  • Price competitiveness on the premise of ensured qualities


Hangzhou Shalom EO offers various kinds of  Wafers and Substrates including SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) grade crystal wafers, optical grade crystal wafers, substrates and wafers for thin film growth (including HTSC thin film, magnetic and ferroelectric thin film, GaN thin film, and semiconductor film growth). In addition, We also provide thin film on insulators, free-standing ultra-thin wafers, glass wafers, and ceramic substrates.

The material selection is manifold, including LiNbO3, LiTaO3, Quartz, Langasite, Sapphire, Fused Silica, MgO, STO, TGG, YAP, SiC, GaN, InAs, Si, CZT, etc., and copious glass materials such as SCHOTT Borofloat, SCHOTT Borofloat33/B270/BK7/D263, Corning Eagle XG/Pyrex, CDGM H-K9L/H-ZF/MJB5, Soda Lime Glass. 

Shalom EO offers Substrates and Wafers  of great price competitiveness and guaranteed qualities. With advanced manufacturing technologies and strict inspection, we are capable of delivering wafers and substrates of stringent tolerance standards that fit your requirements. The orientations, dimensions, and other specifications of the substrates and wafers could all be tailored upon your request.