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Wide Angle Thermal Camera Lenses

Featured Product from Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.

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• Ultra wide angles of view and compact structure
• Modules available: Fisheye, Super Wide Angle, and Pinhole Lenses
• Available as off-the-shelf and custom versions
• Image distortion customizable
• IP67 sealing

Fisheye Lenses are a kind of novel, non-rectilinear wide angle lenses with extra broad FOV, producing panoramic or hemispherical images with rather an obvious image distortion, and the manner in which distortion is generated are attributed to the mapping function of the lenses. Super Wide Angle Lenses refers specifically to the wide angle lenses with ultra-short focal lengths and expanded FOV between 80°and 110°. There are more definite focal length boundaries that discriminate the two. In comparison, fisheye lenses tend to have broader FOV than wide angle lenses and are designed to form a curvilinear perspective in the images, whilst wide angle lenses are contrived to be rectilinear (i.e linear perspective) and exhibit a little or no image distortion depending on the focal length (the shorter the focal length, the more difficult to maintain linear perspective). For thermal cameras, fisheye and super wide angle lenses hold the advantages of tremendous FOV and deeper depth of field, which denotes the capability of collecting IR radiations from the full scene in focus. And this feature is quite beneficial for thermal imaging applied in the security and surveillance, military, and other domain.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Off-the-shelf and Custom Super Wide Angle Lenses and Fisheye Lenses for LWIR (8-12 micro) thermal imaging cameras. The lenses feature wide angles of view, compact architectures excellent for various usages, compatibility with multiple detector sizes, and contain either manual focusing or fixed focal length versions. Pinhole super wide angle and fisheye lens modules with miniature aperture are also available, which, incorporating the secondary imaging technique, are fit for situations where space are tight and compact, concealed designs (e.g. temperature monitoring of crystals-growing and metal-smelting furnaces, law and security). Full-frame (rectangular) fish eye lenses with 180°diagonal FOV are provided. Shalom EO’s engineers welcome cutsom requirements, contact us, the imaging distortion and other parameters could be optimized and customized upon requests.