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Injection services

Service Detail from Hangzhou X-mag Inc.

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X-mag strictly controls product quality from incoming material testing, through in-process inspection, final product inspection and packaging inspection. We have a variety of testing equipment to ensure that the products meet the customer’s stringent requirements.
X-mag has earned AS9100, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, IATF16949 certifications.

Our Inspection can fall into the following areas,

Magnetic Inspection:
•    Magnetic Angle Deviation Test with 3D coil 
•    100% Automatic Check on Magnetic Angle Deviation 
•    Magnetic Properties Inspection with Hysteresis Machine
•    Flux Value Measurement with HH Coil 

Dimensional Inspection:
•    OMM 
•    CMM 
•    CCD Workshop 
•    Height Indicator 
Coating Inspection:
•    Coating Thickness Test (X-Ray or Metallographic Microscope)
•    Coating Hardness Test
•    Salt Spray Test 
•    X-Ray Coating Thickness Test 
Environmental Reliability Test:
•    PCT
•    HAST
•    High-Low Temperature-Humidity Test
•    Drop test

Appearance/Physical Inspection: 
•    Electronic magnifying display
•    CCD