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Lifting Magnets: Powerful and Safe

Featured Product from Hangzhou X-mag Inc.

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Efficient NdFeB Magnet Design

Discover the strength of X-Mag permanent lifting magnets, featuring a unique design powered by the strongest NdFeB magnets. Compact yet robust, these magnets redefine lifting capabilities.

Non-Powered Safety Advantage

With a lifting force independent of electrical current, eliminate the risk of load drops during power failures. The on/off power switch, strategically positioned, ensures a secure grip, preventing unintentional releases.

Gentle Contact Surface

The smooth contact surface of X-Mag magnets safeguards lifted objects from damage, providing a secure and reliable lifting solution.

Versatile Application

Capable of lifting both round and flat steel objects, X-Mag lifting magnets offer versatility across various industries. Ideal for diverse applications, these magnets enhance efficiency and safety in material handling.