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Manufacturing service

Service Detail from Hangzhou X-mag Inc.

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Magnet manufacturing requires special processes due to the brittle nature of materials used to create magnet ingots.
Manufacturing these materials requires specialized procedures and machining equipment to ensure the magnets and metallic accessories being fabricated meet the tight tolerances of typical in the industry. X-mag is equipped with the most advanced equipment, giving us the capability of achieving exact specifications.


•    Machining (CNC, EDM, Multi-wire Saw, Laser Welding, Grinding & More)
•    In-house Tooling (Mould/Fixture/Jig)
•    Injection Molding (Palstic & Metal)
•    Coating & Plating
•    Precise Assembly Line (Gluing, Magnetizing, Assembling, & More)
•    Motor Line (Stamping, Winding, Lamination, & More)