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Hannay Reels HGR Series Reels for Hazardous Areas

Featured Product from Hannay Reels

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Hannay Reels HGR Series is designed for grounding in hazardous areas, like aircraft refueling and chemical plants. The reels bond to aircrafts, fuel trucks and other equipment to provide smooth operation with minimal cable pull. The standard reel is finished in oven-cured enamel, but stainless steel options are also available along with additional attachments.         


  • These reels bond and/or ground aircraft, fuel trucks, and other equipment.   
  • Provide smooth operation and require minimum cable pull.   
  • Declutching arbor and adjustable guide arm with cable guide.  
  • Optional stainless steel construction of spool, frame, and ratchet system available. 
  • Standard finish is oven-cured enamel.  
  • Manual rewind version also available.  
  • Available with 1/8", 7x19 galvanized carbon steel cable.  
  • 100 amp alligator clamp.  
  • Stainless steel or plastic-covered cable and "Y" branches available at additional charge.   
  • Cable guide arm of cast aluminum and ZA12 alum zinc alloy. 


  • Aircraft refueling
  • Chemical plants
  • Grain elevators
  • Rescue and Hazmat operations