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Hannay Reels SWCR Spring Rewind Arc Welding Reels

Featured Product from Hannay Reels

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Available in manual rewind or power rewind, the SWCR Series of Spring Rewind Arc Reels can handle #2 through #4 cables up to 400 amps. This reel quickly connects the welder to the project at hand and instantly unwinds any cable length for immediate use. The non-sparking ratchet assembly and the declutching arbor are standard, while a cable and ball stop are available options.                        


  • 400 amp rated rotary electrical device.  
  • Instant use with any cable length unwound.   
  • For use with single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead.  
  • Quick connection to your welder.
  • Easy access and greaseable zerk fitting. 
  • 4-way roller assembly. Roller position must be specified.  
  • Non-sparking ratchet assembly.  
  • Declutching arbor is provided to prevent damage from reverse winding.  
  • Cable stop should be used.  


  • For arc welding