Hannay Reels 900 Spring Rewind Reels

Featured Product from Hannay Reels

Designed for bulk transfer and fuel dispensing operations, Hannay Reels 900 Series Spring Rewind Reels are constructed with a roll-formed channel frame. The non-sparking ratchet and declutching arbor prevent damage to the reel and ensures its longevity. The 900 Series comes with 4-way roller assembly, but the rollers can be reconfigured to fit almost any need. Constant tension is also available upon request.


  • Roll-formed channel frame construction.  
  • Non-sparking ratchet assembly.  
  • Declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding.  
  • Standard inlet: 90° swivel joint, 1-1/2" female NPT threads and 2" Victaulic groove.  
  • Standard outlet: 1-1/2" female NPT threads.  
  • Pressures to 600 psi (41 bar).  
  • Temperatures from -60° F to +175° F (-51° C to +79° C).  
  • Consult factory for other pressures and temperatures.  
  • 4-way roller assembly.  
  • SR and VR roller positions: swivel joint is standard on the right, TR roller positions: swivel joint is standard on the left. Optional configurations are available, must specify.
  • Constant tension is available consult factory.  



  • Bulk transfer
  • Fuel dispensing
  • Suction
  • Discharge