Fluid Bed Furnaces

Featured Product from Harper International Corporation

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Harper's fluid bed furnaces are uniquely manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Our systems are designed for continuous processing of your advanced material, providing more effective chemical reactions and heat transfer.

Harper Fluid Bed Capabilities

  • Preheated or indirect heating using natural gas or microwave technology
  • Feed materials including powder, spray dried granules, or other types of granules/conglomerates.
  • Tube Diameters starting from 9 inches

Typical Fluid Bed Applications

  • Chemical Reactions - carbonates to oxides, oxides to metals, and other chemical reactions
  • Decomposition
  • Calcination

About Harper:

Our tagline, “Spark the Future”, represents Harper’s passion for helping turn our customers’ spark of an idea into reality. We do this through exceptional partnerships and a forward-thinking philosophy to deliver the most innovative thermal processing system possible. Our logo, tagline and accompanying imagery help to visually support our unique value proposition.