Harper Furnace Installed for Direct Air Capture

Featured Product from Harper International Corporation

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Buffalo, NY – A custom engineered, 24-inch rotary tube furnace built by Harper International for Heirloom Carbon Technologies (San Francisco, CA) is enabling America’s first commercial Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility in California’s Central Valley. Heirloom’s DAC facility uses calcium carbonate to remove already-emitted CO2 from the atmosphere. The furnace uses indirect, electric heating to remove CO2 captured by the calcium carbonate so it can be permanently stored, never to return to the atmosphere. The furnace is rated to a temperature of 950C and has an annual capacity of 1,000 metric tons per year.
“We are delighted to see Harper’s technology deployed in support of climate initiatives. The design is derived from Harper’s significant experience in providing electrically heated, rotary furnaces to a wide array of advanced materials industries, and it has been custom-engineered to provide Heirloom engineers with a flexible platform for optimizing their process as they scale up to higher capacities.” Says Harper Vice President, Paul Elwell.

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