Our focus is on the continual advancement of our core technologies, to support the growth of the Carbon Fiber market to newer and greater heights. For example, our design for Oxidation Ovens goes beyond other technologies with design enhancements that maximize reuse of energy available from waste gas abatement, instrumentation and control advances that allow for a high degree of process optimization, and end-seals that maximize of effective heated volume and drastically reduce of ingress of room air and the chimney effect. These advances equate to a two to three fold reduction in consumed energy.

Our design enhancements in LT and HT Furnace end seals, insulation, atmospheric controls and purge chambers provide superior performance, delivering optimal temperature uniformity, minimal air ingress, and excellent process gas flow uniformity. Harper’s process experts are passionate about helping customer’s take advantage of these design features. We aim to help customers achieve product quality goals and the highest level of planned and predicative operational activities for the most efficient use of resources