Harper pioneered the Microline® concept based on flexibility and versatility to change and modify equipment parameters for the needs of customers in Carbon Fiber research for experimentation with traditional or emerging precursors, process tweaking and development of samples for up to 1.5 tons per year. Our system accommodates line speeds ranging from 0.1 m/min to over 1 m/min and tows from 10 filaments to 48000 filaments, enabling the study of effects of various process parameters using a small amount of precursor.

The Microline is the ideal size for research and development as well as quality control, with continuous processing of up to 8 tows. It is highly customizable and can be configured as a complete system including Oxidation Ovens, LT, HT, and UHT furnaces up to 2800°C, material handling equipment, and all pre and post treatment process stages found on commercial scale plants.

Harper systems allow for maximum manipulation of key process parameters, including controlling tension after each unit operation and multiple zones of temperature control in oxidation, pre-carbonization and carbonization. Our drive systems are designed for precision control of the forces imparted to the fiber, allowing for flexibility in tow counting, loading, and drive position. This flexibility yields greater customization of oxidation for Carbon Fiber research activities, with adjustability zone by zone, pass by pass, and carbonization.  More