Acetal (Delrin & Celcon) Balls

Featured Product from Hartford Technologies, Inc.

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Acetal balls offer predictable mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties over a broad temperature range for extended periods. They exhibit good fatigue resistance, impact resistance, tensile and shear strength, and dimensional stability. They have very low moisture absorption characteristics. Delrin balls maintain a natural lubricity, giving them a low coefficient of friction against metals.

Most resins used for these balls meet FDA, USDA, and UL requirements. Other names include polyoxymethylene (POM) and polyacetal.

Delrin is a DuPont product: Celcon is a Hoechst Celanese product.


Due to their low coefficient of friction, acetal balls are used in pump, valve, slide, and rolling applications.

Specific Gravity

1.41-1.42 gm/cc