Custom Liquid and Gas Systems

Product Announcement from Haskel International LLC

Haskel can custom-build portable-to-large PLC control systems for a wide range of industries and applications. Manufacturing Divisions have cleanroom facilities for oxygen and similar requirements to 1000-level clean.

  • Portable pressure test packs
  • Pressure, proof, leak, burst, fatigue testing of hydraulic, gas, refrigerant, automotive hose and rigid pipes pressure and functional testing of valves
  • Volumetric stretch testing of gas containers
  • Helium leak detection of refrigerant and air conditioning equipment
  • Oxygen transfer and pressurization of accumulators
  • CFC refrigerant and halon fire extinguishing substance recovery and charging
  • SF-6 recovery and reclaim from circuit breakers
  • Chemical injection, metering and dosing pumps and packaged systems
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Hose Test Bench

Haskel International puts quality into everything we do. Our products are distributed worldwide, have an excellent reputation for reliability, and are backed by outstanding technical support. Our main manufacturing locations are fully registered to ISO 9001.

To learn more visit our website or e mail any questions, we welcome your inquiries.